Course rules & house rules

For a smooth experience on the golf course, we ask you to observe our course rules. Please read our rules carefully and observe them during your playing experience.

Special Course Rules:

1) Hole 27: During play on Hole 27, the fairway boundary of Hole 22 up to Göllersbach and then the entire area to the right of Göllersbach is marked by white stakes as Out of Bounds.

These stakes are treated as out of bounds markers during play on Hole 27. For Hole 22, they are immovable obstructions.

2) No Play Zone: No-playzones on our course are marked with red stakes topped with a green cap. If your ball enters or comes to rest there, the following applies: Entry and play prohibited: "The penalty areas, marked by red stakes with green capson fairways 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11,12,13,15,16,18 are no-play zones. 

If the ballcomes to rest in one of the no-play zones in the affected penalty areas, theball may not be played, and the player must take relief with penalty under Rule 17.1d. 

If the balllies outside these no-play zones and its stance or swing would be affected bythese no-play zones, the player must take relief without penalty if allowed under Rule 16.1b. 

No relief if it is clearly unreasonable to play the ball or if the interference is only because a player chooses an obviously unreasonable club, stance, or directionof play. Penalty for entering or playing. 

General Playing Operation:
1.Violation - Warning
2.Violation - 2nd Warning
3.Violation - Expulsion 

1.Violation - Warning
2.Violation - Basic Penalty / Loss of Hole
3.Violation - Disqualification

3. Special Course Rule - Hole 12: If a player's ball lies in a penalty area, including when it is known or virtually certain to be in the penalty area even though it has not been found, the player may take relief under any of the options under Rule 17.1d. 

Or, if the ball last crossed the edge of the red penalty area on Hole 12, the player may, as an additional relief option, drop the original ball or another ball on the opposite side of the penalty area with a penalty stroke. 

- Reference point is the estimated point on the opposite boundary of the penalty area, at the same distance from the hole as the estimated point where the original ball last crossed the boundary of the red penalty area. 

- Size of relief area, measured from the reference point, two club lengths, but with these restrictions: 

- Relief area restrictions: The relief area must not be closer to the hole than the reference point, and it may be in any area of the course except in the same penalty area, but 

- If more than one area of the course is within two club lengths of the reference point, the ball must come to rest in the relief area in the same area of the course that the ball first touched when dropped in the relief area. 

Penalty for playing a ball from the wrong place in breach of the special course rule: Basic penalty under Rule 14.7a.


The following section contains the basic requirements for a good appearance. The most important points for a good golf climate are compliance with etiquette and rules!
  • Use of and access to the entire facility and the course at your own risk

  • Playing on the entire course is only permitted with a valid playing licence.

  • Guests must have a handicap of -45 STVG (Monday to Thursday) and -36 STVG (Friday to Sunday and on public holidays).

  • The greenfee must be purchased at the secretary's office before the start of the round.

  • The greenfee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • It is mandatory to register your start time before the round.

  • Starting from hole 10 is only permitted after consultation with a marshal.

  • Cutting and changing holes is strictly prohibited.

  • Please adhere to the specified playing times: 4 flights max. 4:30 hours for 18 holes.

  • Priority: Monday to Thursday: 2-man before 3-man before 4-man flights. Friday to Sunday and on public holidays: 4-man before 3-man before 2-man flights

  • Trolleys and carts may not be moved between the bunker and the green.

  • Please avoid practice swings on tees.

  • With the exception of the tee-boxes, divots must be returned and pitch marks on greens must be repaired.

  • Bunkers must be levelled with a rake after use.

  • Children are subject to parental supervision on the entire course. Parents are liable for their children.

  • Please observe the dress code.

  • Dogs are prohibited on the entire course, on the course and in the restaurant.

  • Playing range balls on the course is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from the course.

  • Our marshals are the highest authority on the course!

Dress code

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  • Golf shirts or shirts must have a collar and short or long sleeves.

  • Bibs or simple T-shirts are not permitted.

  • The golf shirts/shirts should be worn inside the trousers.

  • Sports and leisure shorts that are too short and blue jeans are not permitted.

  • Golf shoes must be worn with socks (possibly short sneaker socks) and should have soft spikes.

  • Sandals, heavy-soled sports shoes or similar are not permitted.

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  • Golf shirts or shirts must have a collar.

  • Bibs or simple T-shirts are not permitted.

  • The golf shirts/shirts should be worn inside the trousers.

  • Sports and leisure shorts that are too short and blue jeans are not permitted.

  • Golf shoes must be worn with socks (possibly short sneaker socks) and should have softspikes.

  • Sandals, heavy-soled sports shoes or similar are not permitted.

Card regulations

  • Cart hire is calculated for one round (9 or 18 holes).

  • Immediately after completing the round, the cart must be returned to the cart area and the key handed in at the secretary's office. 

  • The use of golf carts is only permitted to members or guests over the age of 16.

  • The golf cart is authorized for a maximum of 2 people and 2 golf bags.

  • Information signs and instructions from our staff must be followed.

  • Pre-greens, greens and tees must be avoided without exception.

  • Driving between the bunker and the green is also strictly prohibited. Keep at least 20meters away from the edge of the green.

  • The area infront of the cafeteria, secretary's office and pro shop may not be driven on

  • Do not drive through cordoned-off markings, wet spots or areas marked in blue.

  • Damage to the cart, grounds or buildings must be reported immediately to the secretariat.

  • The cart renter is liable for any damage to the cart, grounds or buildings etc. caused by him/her.

  • The use of golf carts in the dark is prohibited.

  • Use of the golf cart is at your own risk.

  • The use of a golf cart does not authorize automatic play through.

  • Drive considerately and avoid dangerous maneuvers.

  • Our marshals are the highest authority on the course!

Slow play

In accordance with Rule 5.6 b (3), the competition organisers shall set themaximum playing time for 18 holes until the scorecards are handed in at 4 hours 30 minutes. 

This applies to flights of 4 players and scorecards must be handed in at the secretary's office immediately after the end of the round. 

Suspension of play due to danger (Rule 5.7) 

Immediate interruption: 1 signal tone
Resumption of play: 2 signal tones
Cancellationof the game: 3 signal tones 

Golfclub Schloss Schönborn complies with the ÖGV HARD-CARD 2020 for further rules. 

Each player is responsible for his own actions and behaviour. (e.g. in the event of storms, thunderstorms or warped shots)


1) Out-of-bounds: white stakes and the castle wall Ground in repair: blue stakes or white lines
Penalty area: red stakes or red lines
Distance marking: green stakes (measured fromgreen)

2) Movable obstacles (Rule 15.2)
Red and blue stakes and distance markings

3) Unusual course conditions (including immovable obstructions) (Rule 16)

4) Supported trees, encased trees, flower beds, all paths with gravel, crushed stone or tarmac, allbuildings, huts, feeding stations, high stands, manhole covers, statues, satellite boxes and well shafts, transformer house hole 9 left

5) Drainage, all edges of new sods that affect the position of the ball or the intended swing

6) Plantings, marked with blue stakes (e.g. hole 2)

Penalties for Rule Violations

First offense: Information and clarification provided by the marshal or club manager. 

Second offense: Warning and report to the board. 

Subsequentactions: Decision of the board regarding the extent of the penalty (course suspension, etc.) With this in mind, we wish you a joyful heart, a relaxed and pleasant round of golf, and enjoyable hours at GC Schloss Schönborn.

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Damage caused by animals

No relief for obstructing the standing position due to a hole dug by an animal.

- Integrated components of the course
- All areas covered with bark mulch
- All bridges

Practicing and putting

Putting again is not permitted in club tournaments that have an effect on the rules (golf rule 5.2 b)

Special Course Rules

Suspension of play due to danger (Rule 5.7) 

Immediate Interruption: 1 signal tone
Resumptionof play: 2 signal tones
Termination of play: 3 signal tones 

The Golf Club Schloss Schönborn adheres to further rules according to the ÖGV HARD-CARD 2019. 

Each player is responsible for themselves, their actions, and behavior. (e.g., in case of storm, adverse weather, or errant shots)